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Experience a golden tan with the easy-to-use DOLCE sunless tanning mist! This innovative Bag on Valve spray system provides optimal 360° coverage allowing you to spray upside down and leaves your skin glowing like never before. From medium to dark, achieve that natural bronze look for every occasion.

Dolce Glow Self Tanning Mist

  • Before application, exfoliate skin and avoid applying any moisturizers, oils, or perfumes. Hold the nozzle approximately 10 inches away from the skin and begin to apply in a slow, continuous, circular motion. Use our Glow by Gabby Application Mitt to blend if needed.

    Dolce is a gradual tanning mist that will darken over time, see application time below for recommended duration. Wait until the skin is completely dry before dressing. Avoid contact with water until the first rinse. When ready, rinse skin and gently pat dry for a radiant glow. To maintain a radiant glow, use Dolce 1 to 2 times a week and moisturize your skin.

    Application time: 

    Leave the product on for the recommended times listed below. Select a time based on your desired appearance.

    Light Tan: 2-4 hours 

    Medium Tan: 4-6 hours

    Dark Tan: 6+ hours

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