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  • Will I turn orange?
    No, absolutely not! Every solution we use is made of the highest quality, natural ingredients. Typically, a person turns orange from being sprayed with too much solution or a higher percentage of DHA. We can ensure you this will not be an issue!
  • How do I prepare for my appointment?
    Check out our Tan Care page first! You'll find all the pre tan instructions you'll need. Once you're finished, remember to complete the waiver that was sent to you upon booking your appointment. Every client must have a waiver on file.
  • When should I schedule my tan?
    We suggest 1-3 days before your event to account for the 24 hours it takes to fully process. If you're tanning for a vacation we would suggest tanning 1 day before in order to have the tan last as long as possible during your trip!
  • How long will my tanning session take?
    The entire tanning process takes about 10 minutes, from start to finish. Please allow an additional 15 minutes before we start if you are a first time client. Expect us to be in your home approximately 20-30 minutes.
  • How long should I expect my tan to last?
    The typical spray tan will last 7-10 days with proper care and upkeep. It is important to follow the steps listed on my Tan Care page to get the best quality tan possible.
  • When can I shower?
    Expect to have a consultation at the time of your appointment, but your rinse time will depend on the solution you are sprayed with. Most solutions require you to wait 8-10 hours before rinsing. Rapid solutions require 3-6 hours before rinsing. All solutions take a full 24 hours for the color to fully develop.
  • What is the difference between develop & rinse time?
    Develop time is the 24 hours required for our solution to completely process on your skin - this process will continue after you rinse off the bronzer. Rinse time will vary based on your desired darkness. We will discuss your rinse time at your appointment, but it will be well before the 24 hour mark that you're rinsing off the solution.
  • Where do I park at the studio?
    Our Irondale studio is a home address, park anywhere available on the street! Our downtown studio has street parking out front as well as a free lot underneath the bridge directly to the left of our building (if you're looking at it).
  • What do I need to wear for my appointment?
    We are comfortable with whatever you are comfortable with! Some clients choose to go topless, some wear a two piece or underwear and some go completely nude. We do request that male clients plan to wear boxers or briefs. Regardless, make sure to have darker, loose fitting clothing to put on after we're done!
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept Cash, Venmo, or Check.
  • Is it ok to tan while pregnant?
    We tan pregnant women all the time, but we will always refer you back to your doctor for the official ok!
  • Will you need me to do anything at my house before you arrive?
    All we need is good lighting, a little bit of space, and access to an outlet. Upon arrival at your house we will determine the best place and pop up our tent. No worries, the only thing in your house we'll be tanning is you! Your furniture and floors will be safe!
  • Can I workout after my tan?
    No! You will need to wait until after you rinse before ever getting wet or sweating. If you decide to workout the day after your tan plan to wear looser clothing at your workout, ideally a top with a built in bra or no bra at all. You will also want to do something low intensity so you don't sweat too much! It won't ruin your tan, but we don't recommend it.
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